GuruModem Quickstart 5.25″ Disk for PC Clones


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A new, tested 5.25″ 360k floppy containing free terminal and utility software compatible with most PC compatible systems with a 5.25″ disk drive. Here is the included software grouped by operating system:

  • PC compatible software
    • Lync 2.0 (Terminal emulator with ZMODEM support, works on an IBM PCjr)
    • PKUNZIP (ZIP file decompressor from PK-Ware)
    • TurboTerm (Terminal emulator that works on a PCjr with a RAM disk)

If you are in need of a 3.5″ Disk instead, we have that available too.

Please note: the contents of the floppy are not being sold, just the physical disk and labor involved with creating and testing that disk. We provide an image of the disk for no cost. We are not charging for the contents of the disk, selling the software on the disk, or claiming ownership of the software on the disk. This product is being sold to help users who have no easy way of getting access to the tools on this disk other than via physical media.

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