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This is a generic 4GB MicroSD card formatted and tested for use with the GuruModem. It includes a variety of free software tools and utilities which can be downloaded via the modem. Here is a quick list of contents:

  • macos – Classic MacOS software (68k and PPC)
    • Note to Macintosh users: when moving files with the Modem you will need to encode them in MacBinary, BinHex, or in an archive like StuffIt or ZIP before transferring to another device. This is due to how the Macintosh operating system stores files, otherwise they will not be able to be reopened by another Macintosh. Many Macintosh communications programs, including ZTerm, will automatically decode MacBinary files when they are downloaded so they can be used immediately. StuffIt Expander will also decide MacBinary and BinHex encoded files, but not encode them. StuffIt and DropStuff are not free software, but can be found with serial numbers in various archives on-line. StuffIt was very popular during the pre MacOS X days for archiving files on classic Macintosh systems so most archives will use that which is why we provide the expanders on this card and on the quickstart media. We also provide the MacZip tool on this card for working with ZIP files safely in the Macintosh ecosystem.
    • StuffItExpander4.0.2.sea.bin – StuffIt Expander 4.0 in MacBinary format
    • stuffit_expander_5.5.bin – StuffIt Expander 5.5 in MacBinary format
    • zterm101.sit – ZTerm 1.0.1 StuffIt compressed archive created using DropStuff 4.0
    • BinHex-4.bin – BinHex 4.0 Utility (used for safely transporting Mac files to foreign systems) in MacBinary format
    • Disk_Copy_4.2.sea.bin – Disk Copy 4.2 (used for creating or mounting disk images, self extracting installer) in MacBinary format
    • Disk_Copy_6.3.3.smi.bin – Disk Copy 6.3.3 (used for creating or mounting disk images, self mounting disk image) in MacBinary fomat
    • gc595usclassic.sit – Graphic Converter 5.9.5 StuffIt5 Compressed
    • MacBinary-iii.hqx – MacBinary conversion tool (used for safely transporting Mac files to foreign systems) in BinHex format
    • MacZip106z.hqx – MacZip utility for working with ZIP files in BinHex format
  • amiga
    • lha.run – LhA utility self extracting binary, including AmigaGuide and 68020 and 68040 optimized versions
    • Dopus5_91_os3.lha – Directory Opus 5 for Workbench 3.0 and greater in LhA format
    • SysInfo.lha – SystInfo 4.0 in LhA format
    • ncomm306.lha – NComm 3.0.6 with Public Registration Key in LhA format
  • dos
    • unzip.exe – InfoZIP unzip utility
    • zip.exe – InfoZIP zip utility
    • pkunzip.exe – PKware Unzip utility
    • conex75.zip – CONEX terminal emulator
    • qm5.zip – QModem 5 full featured terminal emulator
  • win
    • qm2_1.zip – QModem Pro for Windows 9x, NT, 2000 w/ Registration Tool
    • 7z313.exe – 7Zip 3.13 for Windows 9x, NT, and 2000
  • appleii
    • Spectrum-2.53 – Disk Images for the Spectrum 2.53 terminal emulator for the Apple IIgs
  • atarist
    • M-DEPACK – Mega Depacker Utility in a folder for ready execution
    • M-DEPACK.zip – Mega Depacker in ZIP format
    • TAZ_100.zip – TAZ Communications Program
    • xyz202b.zip – The XYZ.TTP utility for adding ZModem support to most comm software
    • NEOCOM.zip – NeoCom commuincations program
    • flash105.zip – Flash Telecom program

If you do not have any software to connect to the modem, we also offer a quickstart disk for various systems to get you going.

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